January 15, 2011

Jens Kattermann dubai jobs & employment


Dubai’s booming economy attracts millions of job seekers. Dubai does not impose taxes; therefore, a person’s net income is higher in Dubai than anywhere else in the world.

It is not that easy to find employment in Dubai. The competition for lucrative positions is high in Dubai where 80 percent of the population comprises foreign expatriates. Moreover, emiratisation overshadows a job seeker’s chances of employment. Emiratisation encourages the employment of educated UAE nationals not only in the public sector but also in the private sector. It is no wonder that more and more expatriates are being replaced by UAE nationals, who also get a plumper salary.

It is advisable to come to Dubai with a job in hand. However, it is not easyto get a job from your home country. Many people come to Dubai on a visit visa in search of a job. This has its own advantages because employers prefer to hire a person who is actually in Dubai and is available for an interview rather than take the risk of employing an unseen person. At the same time, you need to be very lucky to find a job before the expiry of your visit visa.

You had better know a few facts before taking the plunge and beginning your job seeking adventures. Most expatriates are temporary workers, who leave the county when their job contracts expire. It is next to impossible for a foreign expatriate to own property in Dubai or get a UAE citizenship.

Do you want to be your own boss? Dubai offers excellent opportunities for self-employment; however, you will have to start your business with a local partner who has the majority holding.

Do you wish to stay alone in Dubai or bring your family along? A family sponsorship visa is available only to a qualified person who can earn above Dhs.4,000. An unskilled person without a degree will find it difficult to earn even Dhs.2,000 per month.

In Dubai, your work becomes your life. An average working person spends two to four hours in the traffic on the way to the office and back. The little time that is available after going to work, being at work, and coming back from work is just sufficient to eat and sleep. So, it is better to opt for a straight shift.

If your decision to work in Dubai is firm and unshaken, it is time to start your job hunt in earnest. There are several reputed recruitment agencies to help you. Research an agency well before seeking its help. There are many fraudulent agencies that make false promises and strip you of your life savings.

A goldmine of information is available for online job seekers. A few of these are sites, such as Bayt.com, GulfJobSites.com, and Emirates-Ad.ae. The best way to watch out for jobs in Dubai is to keep an eye on dailies, such as Gulf News and Khaleej Times. These dailies also have an online employment section. Job recruitment Web sites, set up by certain groups of UAE companies, such as Emirates Groups and Etisalat, will also be of immense help to you.

Jens Kattermann Dubai real estate

Dubai has attractive prospects and financial gains for investors seeking investment opportunities. Property buying has become accessible and feasible for foreign buyers interested in Dubai unlike before when mortgages were not an available option.

The country’s fast paced development and progress has led to ever increasing real estate purchases by pouring immigrants. The rising figures of foreign residents in Dubai have led to considerable investments and buying. Foreigners are increasingly interested in buying land and accommodation for rentals, personal or to-let use.

Dubai, being the heart of the country has caught the attention of real estate buyers. Recreational and infrastructure developments along with the ever increasing resorts have contributed to the value of land and property as tourism and business opportunities are soaring by the day. Real estate markets of Dubai are showing constant rise in prices and prospects every year. Unlike before as mortgages have become quite accessible and feasible, investment opportunities have opened their doors to many who couldn’t imagine such real estate ownership before. Although in the near future Dubai land is bound to show substantial price increases, current investment is still quite affordable. The growing trend towards business investments and immigrants to Dubai interested in real estate buying have enhanced the chances of gaining a growth rate of 18% per annum on property and 12% return on rentals.

There’s an outstanding potential in investment growth in Dubai. Since the demand is in surplus to what developers can offer hence a golden opportunity for investors and buyers exists to invest and sell at high margins. Dubai life style has undergone an abrupt change towards modernization. The surge of foreigners and merging cultures has attracted foreign investment. The development of certain areas and the construction of mega structures that are still under progress are tempting real estate investors to pour into the city.

Real estate buying in Dubai has become the hottest trend recently and is not restricted to professional investors. Affordability of investment in land or structures has been made accessible for the middle class through mortgages and loan options. Whether you are interested in townhouses, villas, or apartments, Dubai offers great prospects to buyers for return on their money and high profit margins.

As tourism is being encouraged through hi-tech developments of recreational locations and entertainment options, hotel and resort investment is on the rise. People are not only focusing their investment on residential land but are also heading towards commercial buying and bookings.

Dubai Sports City, which is an architectural beauty on its own, is one of the latest developments one cannot ignore. While this is not the only attraction of the city, The Palm Dubai also known as The Palm Jumeirah and The Dubai World Island are another attractions for investment that will yield unimaginable returns. These man-made islands which are one of the 8th wonders of the world will be comprised of water homes, apartments, water theme parks, shopping malls, luxury hotels, cinemas and sports facilities etc. The real estate opportunity within this project has tempted large investments from foreign buyers.